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  1. Danny Phantom, magyar címén Danny, a fantom, amerikai animált sorozat, amit Butch Hartman készített, és a Billionfold Studios gyártott a Nickelodeon számára. A rajzfilm egy 14 éves, félig ember, félig szellem fiúról szól, aki megmenti városát és a világot a szellemek támadásaitól, miközben ügyelni kell arra, hogy kilétét titokban tartsa
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  3. Takes place instead of Phantom Planet. Danny is left alone after a 'Nasty' explosion and it's up to Vlad Masters to help the lonely ghost boy pick up the pieces and move on. But along the way, they find themselves entangled in a mysterious plot which could destroy all they have left. A Danny - Vlad Father/Son fic
  4. Danny and Vlad have been enemies for 2 years now, Danny thought it was a good time to finally confess his secret of Danny Phantom but they didn't take it well saying tha... Completed dannyphantom

Vladimir Vlad Masters, also known as Vlad Plasmius, is the main antagonist of Danny Phantom. A rich, debonair billionaire, Vlad is a powerful half-ghost whose twenty years of experience constantly one-up Danny's own ghostly abilities. He vows to destroy Danny's father, Jack for stealing Maddie from him, and also for giving him his ghost powers which in the process put him into a hospital. Vladimir Vlad Masters/Plasmius, Graf von Habgier war zu seinen College-Zeiten der beste Freund von Jack Fenton und mit ihm und Maddie zusammen in einer Forschergruppe. Dort arbeiteten sie schon damals an einem Prototyp des Geisterportals, der jedoch durch Jacks Schuld Vlad in einen Unfall verwickelte: Seine Haarfarbe verkehrte sich von schwarz in weiß, sein Gesicht wurde (vorläufig. Danny Phantom is an American animated superhero television series that ran on Nickelodeon from April 3, 2004 to August 24, 2007. The series follows 14-year-old Danny Fenton who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world and the supernatural Ghost Zone, becomes half-ghost and frequently saves his town and the material world from ghost/spectral attacks

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Danny no longer had to feel guilty for admiring him because he had every right too. Vlad was a billionaire genious and a powerful ghost. He had taught Danny so much and he never even noticed it. He had always watched Vlad then practiced to see if he could do he same. Vlad could have easily killed him at any point but he didn't because he cared Danny hated Vlad with a passion but he also held some sort of respect from him. Their relationship was impossibly complicated, bordering between being mortal enemies and best of allies. There have been times where Vlad was the only person in the entire world that he could relate to, both being half-dead science experiments gone wrong and all that

Danny had a brief crack in his face after he fuses with Vlad Plasmius. So far, Danny Phantom has the most fusion forms: Danny Fenton and Dark Danny. Duplication-Danny can create duplicates of his body that all have his ghost powers and can fight alongside him Despite Danny Phantom having ended many years ago, new information about the lore of this cartoon continues to pop up. Recently we got a ton of new lore to w.. The episode just before Phantom Planet, D-Stabilized, has a resolution of Valerie discovering Vlad's secret identity, and that Danny Phantom had been telling her the truth the entire time. She then decides to stop hunting Phantom and get back at Vlad instead

Dec 6, 2019 - Explore Emofunlove's board Danny x Vlad!!!!!, followed by 224 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Danny phantom, Ghost boy, Phantom Vlad has all the same powers that Danny Phantom has, but his powers are far more developed. He is able to perform techniques that Danny has yet to learn (like duplication). For all the feats that Danny can perform, Vlad can perform them better, due to the 20 years experience in which he has had more time to develop new abilities, improve his. Danny defeats Vlad in an outer space battle, prompting Plasmius to exact revenge, which he does by creating Masters' Blasters, a team of hip ghost fighters whose amazing prowess renders Danny Phantom unnecessary Vladimir Vlad Masters (auch bekannt als Vlad Plasmius) ist der Hauptantagonist der Serie. Das einzige was über Vlads Vergangenheit bekannt ist war dass er zusammen mit seinem besten Freund Jack Fenton und seiner großen Liebe Maddie auf der Universität von Wisconsin-Madison waren. Vlad konstruierte dort einen Geisterportal Prototyp I've had this done for like, two weeks and didn't post it. I'm good at things. Song is Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Set it Of

Jun 12, 2020 - Explore Emmalee's board Danny phantom vlad on Pinterest. See more ideas about Danny phantom, Danny phantom vlad, Phantom Danny's slender body is more like Vlad's than Jack's, and Butch Hartman said in 107 Facts about Danny Phantom that only certain people can survive a portal accident - was Danny protected by his ghostly genes Vlad tried and failed to make an exact Danny replica in the original series (he made Dani Phantom as a by-product), so seeing this Danny raises plenty of questions about the past 10 years that would be fun to explore Nov 28, 2018 - Fanart, cosplay, and other cute stuff — It's Danny Phantom cosplay photo story! Hope you... - COSPLAY IS BAEEE!!! Tap the pin now to grab yourself some BAE Cosplay leggings and shirts! From super hero fitness leggings, super hero fitness shirts, and so much more that wil make you say YASSS!! Danny/Vlad Slash Boxed Phantom Danny/Box Ghost Slash Iambic Prose Danny/Ghost Writer Slash Esperanto Code of Conduct Walker/Wulf Slash Doubly Evil Bitterly Broken Dan/Vlad Slash Lactose Intolerant Vlad/Dairy King Slash Electric Hunter Sparks Generator Skulker/Technus Slash, Selfcest Striking Fea

Due to length, the page has been split into subpages: Team PhantomClick to Expand Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, Jazz Fenton. VillainsClick to Expand Vlad Masters/Plasmius, Freakshow, Lydia, Box Ghost, Lunch Lady Danny found out that twenty years ago, Vlad became a half-ghost just like Danny, and now had all the same powers Danny had and more, but with twenty years more experience. Vlad soon became Danny's arch-nemesis. At first, Danny Phantom was not a particularly well-known or well-liked ghost Danny Phantom Vlad Phantom 3 Phantom Comics Cartoon Ships Nickelodeon Cartoons Anime Nerd Drawing Projects Old Shows Nerd Geek. vlad masters | Tumblr. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people Ze geeft Danny Phantom hiervoor de schuld, omdat de Spookhond hem steeds volgde. Hierom is Valerie een spokenjaagster geworden die op Danny jaagt. Een mysterieuze weldoener (Vlad) voorziet haar van haar spookjager-gadgets. Ze is als spokenjager een stuk succesvoller dan Danny's ouders, en vormt zo voor Danny een gevaarlijke tegenstander

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Danny Phantom Vlad. Danny and Vlad part 2 | Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom Vlad Phantom 3 Phantom Comics Trans Boys Ghost Boy Nickelodeon Cartoons Fandoms Cute Comics Childhood. More information... Saved by Destiny Zayas. 19. People also love these idea Voiced most times by Martin Mull. Images of the Vlad Plasmius voice actors from the Danny Phantom franchise May 26, 2020 - Explore bartonmattie's board Danny phantom vlad on Pinterest. See more ideas about Danny phantom, Danny phantom vlad, Phantom Danny Phantom Vlad's Daughter Meeting the Ghost Boy. Cħαıиš2.0. When Maddie Fenton was pregnant with Jazz, Jazz wasn't the only baby being born. Jazz had a twin sister. But she died and became a ghost. Once Jazz was born, the ghost baby floated off into the unknown and soon fell into the hands of Vlad Masters Dani Phantom, also known as Danielle Phantom, is an imperfect clone of Danny Phantom, created by Vlad as a stepping stone to the perfect Danny clone. Dani is also called Danny's cousin. Only one step behind him, Danielle is slowly dissolving, but retains free will. She first works with Vlad until Danny convinces Danielle that she is nothing but.

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Jun 12, 2020 - Explore roeseta's board Danny phantom vlad on Pinterest. See more ideas about Danny phantom, Danny phantom vlad, Phantom Danny Phantom is an American animated action adventure television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.The series follows a teenage boy who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world and the Ghost Zone, becomes a human-ghost hybrid and takes on the task of saving his town (and the world) from subsequent ghost attacks using an evolving variety of. Vlad Masters/Vlad Plasmius - è geloso di Jack ed è innamorato di Maddie. Durante gli studi al college Vlad venne coinvolto in un incidente col primo portale costruito da Jack e Maddie diventando così metà fantasma. È il nemico principale di Danny, ma fallisce regolarmente. Nella vita normale Vlad è un uomo d'affari As a result, Danny's ghost half went rogue and split Vlad's human half and merged with his ghost self, resulting in the birth of Dark Danny (or Dan Phantom). After presumably killing his human self and blowing up Vlad's manor, he went on a ten-year world destruction tour Aug 13, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Emma Lavelle. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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Vlad Masters/Plasmius Assim como Vlad você é um pouco fragmentado emocionalmente, pode ser egoísta, individualista, e até narcisista, mais isso é fruto de frustrações vividas por você anteriormente, embora tenha objetivos maquiavélicos no fundo, bem no fundo mesmo ainda existem sentimentos bons em você, só basta encontrá-los Danielle Dani Phantom: Garota Fantasma que diz ser prima de Terceiro Grau de Danny, mas é um clone que Vlad Plasmius criou a tentar criar a criança perfeita (para ele). Mais tarde ela se torna prima real de Danny, e acaba viajando pelo mundo em busca de sua própria aventura Danny Phantom is the ghost half of the human Danny Fenton. As such, the ghost form employs many different powers only accessible in this form Danielle Dani Phantom es un personaje ficticio de una serie de televisión Danny Phantom.Es una super heroína/aliada de Danny Phantom.Ella es una versión clon más joven de Danny Phantom, creada por Vlad Plasmius para su proyecto de una versión clon de Danny Phantom.Su primera aparición es en el capítulo Espíritu Afín.Su voz es la de AnnaSophia Robb en su primera aparición, y la de.

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I like Vlad/Danny, Dark Danny(Dan)/Danny and Danny Phantom/Danny Fenton. If you have any DP slash pairing which you want to see, just ask! _____ Ceci est un blog dans lequel vous pouvez trouver quelques fanart DP et des slashs/yaoi DP. Amusez-vous! ;) J'aime le Vlad/Danny, le Dark Danny(Dan)/Danny et le Danny Phantom/Danny Fenton Danny Phantom ist eine Zeichentrickserie, die seit 17.September 2005 bei Nick Deutschland gezeigt wird. Der Autor der Serie ist Butch Hartman, der ebenfalls Cosmo und Wanda - Wenn Elfen helfen (The Fairly OddParents) kreiert hat.Die Serie hat im Jahr 2004 zwei Preise BMI Cable Award bekommen: Für Butch Hartman und Guy Moon.. Animiert wurde Danny Phantom von den Rough-Draft-Studios in Seoul. Danny Phantom: The New Adventures is a sequel to the 2004-2007 series Danny Phantom. It takes place after the last episode of the previous Danny Phantom series franchise, as Danny is now a famous celebrity hero, with Vlad stuck in space trying to escape, but fails. Valerie Gray no longer becomes Danny's enemy, but she now hunts down his ghost enemies and help Danny. Star occasionally becomes a.

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Daniel Danny Fenton AKA Danny Phantom, is the half-human/half-ghost, and the main protagonist of the television show series, Danny Phantom.Known as 'Danny Fenton' when a human and 'Danny Phantom' when a ghost, his primary motive is to protect the citizenry of Amity Park from the dangerous ghosts coming through the Fenton Portal Lydia is a villainess in Danny Phantom. She is Freakshow's most loyal servant, being the only ghost who obeys him without the Crystal Ball Staff. She is nearly silent, not speaking a single word throughout her appearances. Although she does scream occasionally. She was voiced by Tara Strong, who also played Penelope Spectra in the series Sep 19, 2018 - Explore Douglas Thompson's board Danny and Vlad on Pinterest. See more ideas about Danny phantom, Danny phantom vlad, Phantom

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  1. Dark Danny, aka Dan Phantom, is Danny's ultimate worst enemy. In an alternate timeline, Dan Phantom comes to be after an explosion at the Nasty Burger kills his family and friends. He then moved in with Vlad, who separated his human half from his ghost half to rid Dan of his emotions
  2. Dark Danny is both Danny, to whom Maddie is his mom-and Vlad, who loves/lusts after her. Think about that a moment. No wonder he's so messed up. -Anthiens In Danny Phantom, Dark Danny is a hybrid of Vlad Plasmius and Danny Phantom. As a mashup of the two, he probably has the same viewpoints of both guys
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  5. This Mod is based on nickelodeon's Danny Phantom TV Series. Ghost Zone Is More Green, Flying While Wearing Danny Phantom's Suit Fixed, CrystalBall-Staff Minions Added, Dani Phantom (Mob) added. This Mod Includes (Mobs) Danny Phantom, Dani Phantom, Danny Fenton, Jass Fenton, Jack Fenton, Madeline Fenton, Tucker Foley, Sam Manson, Vlad Masters, Vlad Plasmius, Box Ghost, Meat Monsters
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Danny's Family and Friends. Dani Phantom; Danny Phantom; Jack & Maddie Fenton; Jazz Fenton; Sam Manson; The Ghost Dog; Tucker Foley; Fright Before Christmas; Funny Moments; Ghost Hunters-Amorpho-Box Lunch-Clockwork-Desiree-Dora-Ember McLain-Freakshow-Fright Knight-Frostbite-Johnny 13/Shadow-Kitty-Lunch Lady-Pandora-Skulker-Technus-The Box. Danny Phantom adalah serial animasi produksi Amerika Serikat yang ditayangkan di Nickelodeon, karya Butch Hartman, yang menceritakan kisah seorang anak yang secara tidak sengaja mendapatkan kekuatan hantu sehingga dia menjadi Pahlawan Pembasmi Hantu. Anak ini menjaga identitasnya bersama dua temannya The show is about a 14-year-old named Danny Fenton who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world and the supernatural Ghost Zone, becomes half-ghost and frequently saves his town and the world from ghost attacks, while attempting to keep his ghost half a secret from everyone, except his best friends Tucker Foley and Samantha (Sam) Manson. Most season 1 and 2. #danny phantom vlad masters #vlad masters #clockwork #danny phantom clockwork #dp vlad masters #dp clockwork #vlad masters/clockwork #rich history #dp rich history #fanfiction #dp fanfic #dp fandom #valentine's day #valentine's special #post reveal #vlad redemption. 33 notes. abcleverun Still, Danny often only barely wins, and Vlad's had his share of triumphs. He really should not suddenly become easier to beat than some lower-level ghosts like Technus. Not to mention, the first time Vlad fought Danny back in Bitter Reunions was pretty intense. In fact, most of their battle were pretty darn intense

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After rendering Danny Phantom unconscious in a fight, Vlad sees Danny transform back into Danny Fenton and learns that his enemy's son shares a similar ghostly secret. With 20 years more experience with his ghost powers and motivated by a hatred for Jack, Vlad becomes Danny's archenemy. 8: 8 Prisoners of Lov Daniel Danny Fenton, also known as Danny Phantom, is the main protagonist of the eponymous television series. He previously fought Jake Long in the 128th episode of Death Battle, Danny Phantom VS Jake Long. He also fought Ben Tennyson in an episode of DBX. Born to Ghost Hunters, Maddie and Jack Fenton, Danny Fenton was just a regular 14-year-old teenager, until one day, his parents created a.

Danny Phantom, the heroic ghostly alter-ego of Daniel Danny Fenton - is a superhero. Danny received his powers through an accident with his parents' ghost portal, rendering him with ghost powers. Throughout the series, Danny struggles to master his abilities while balancing school life and his own teenage emotions. His parents are Jack and Maddi Danny Phantom (ang. Danny Phantom, 2004-2007) - amerykańsko-kanadyjski serial animowany wyprodukowany przez kanał Nickelodeon.Twórcą serialu jest Butch Hartman, który po wyprodukowaniu trzech pierwszych serii Wróżków Chrzestnych zamierzał stworzyć nowy projekt. Postać Danny'ego Phantoma powstawała już w 2001 roku.Do Polski serial trafił 10 lipca 2008 roku, wraz z. If you went through Danny Phantom, I'm sure you could find a lot of characters that foil one another, but there is none more poignant than the way that Vlad Masters foils Danny Phantom. Vlad foils Danny in two important ways: he highlights Danny's manipulative streak, and Danny's heroics/morals. Let's dig into why that's important

Danielle Dani Phantom is a fictional character and superhero/sidekick from Danny Phantom.She is a younger female version of Danny Phantom, who was created accidentally by his archenemy Vlad Plasmius while he was trying to clone Danny Phantom.. She is voiced by (renowned child now-teen) actress Anna Sophia Robb (Because of Winn-Dixie, Soul Surfer, Race to Witch Mountain, The Reaping, Charlie. Dani Phantom (Danny Phantom) Dani's Profile (Season 3 versions were used) Notable Losses: Grøh (Soul Calibur) Grøh's Profile (Both were Low 6-B and speed was equalized) Luigi Luigi's Profile (Danny with the Ecto-Skeleton and Base Luigi were used, both had all equipment aside from the Reality Gauntlet, and speed was equalized Danielle Dani Phantom es un personaje ficticio y superhéroe/ compañero de Danny Phantom. Bella, adorable y bellamente marimacha, esposa de Danny Phantom, fue creada accidentalmente por su archiemigo Vlad Plasmius mientras intentaba clonar a Danny Phantom. jeiookunmujybgcrjaqk Vlad Masters' Mansion is a residential location from the original show. The first and most well-known mansion established in the series is the luxurious, expensive home of Vlad Masters in Madison, Wisconsin. It contains a secret lab with Vlad's own ghost portal and ghost-related gadgets. In Eye for an Eye, this mansion was destroyed by the Guys in White after having previously been rebuilt. He also becomes Danny's friend. D anielle ' D ani' P hantom . She is a halfa like Danny she is his third cousin once removed she is a clone that Vlad had made. In (Kindred Sprits) unlike the other clones created by Vlad she has her own personality and can think for herself, which is why she was able to turn against her father(Vlad)

Danny found out that twenty years ago, Vlad became a half-ghost just like Danny, and now had all the same powers he had but with twenty years more experience. Vlad soon became Danny's arch-nemesis. Becoming a Hero . At first, Danny Phantom was not a particularly well-known or well-liked ghost [Vlad has just asked Valerie to hunt Dani Phantom, but she misheard him.] Valerie: Danny Phantom? That guy's been an intangible pain in my butt for a long time. Vlad: Oh no, sorry my dear. Not Danny Phantom, [turns around a computer monitor depicting Danielle] Dani Phantom, with an i. A girl ghost

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Vlad es un hombre muy rico que al igual que Danny Phantom es mitad fantasma. Él se volvió mitad fantasma hace 20 años atras, por Jack Fenton, él padre de Danny. Al realizar experimentos con él portal fantasma, hirió a Vlad con un rayo que salio del portal, él cual le ocasionó un severo ecto-acne que le obligo a estar hospitalizado él. Danny trifft auf seinen bösen Gegenspieler Vlad Plasmius. Der hat bereits gegen Dannys Vater gekämpft als beide noch Kinder waren. Das bedeutet, dass Vlad über viel mehr Erfahrung verfügt als. As a distraction, Vlad anonymously offers a million dollar bounty to eliminate Danny Phantom. As ghost hunters from around the world gather in Amity Park to hunt the ghost kid, Danny sacrifices himself to Jack - both to win the prize money for Dad and to bolster Jack's inept reputation, which embarrasses Danny tags » #danny phantom #danny #danny fenton #phantom #vlad #vlad masters #going ghost #bitter reunions #danny phantom intro #nickelodeon #nicktoons #jack fenton #ghost portal #fenton portal #LOOK THE TEENY PORTAL DISAPPEARS . lexi95y reblogged this from dannyphantomstuf

Danny Fenton is a ghost-powered boy who's other identity is Danny Phantom. The series ran for 3 seasons for 53 episodes from April 3, 2004 to August 24, 2007 Danny Fenton was a normal 14th year old boy until an accident with a portal between the human and supernatural worlds casues him to become a ghost when he says Go Ghos With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Danny Phantom Vlad animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>> Danny Phantom WaniszWaniszow 4 0 another redraw FoxyTeah 28 1 DP redraw3 FoxyTeah 38 1 Phantom lunar--cat1364 6 1 DP- Salem Vlad 1 FoxyTeah 11 0 Salem Vlad2 FoxyTeah 10 0 Vlad Plasmius Felt Doll SamTheMoose101 5 0 Vlad his chest kaitlynrager 12 5 Vlad Master in Roses kaitlynrager 23 2 bury a friend xStar-dusty 24 3 Danny Phantom takes place in a world where ghosts are real and follows Danny Fenton, a socially awkward teenager who develops superpowers after an accident with the Ghost Portal. It's a classic. Danny Phantom fue una serie animada de televisión creada por Butch Hartman (también creador de Los padrinos mágicos, T.U.F.F. Puppy, agente secreto y Bunsen es una bestia) para Nickelodeon. Fue producida por Billionfold Studios en asociacion con la canadiense Nelvana. Voces adicionales Luis..

Dec 10, 2019 - Explore Phok Amélie's board Danny x Vlad on Pinterest. See more ideas about Danny phantom, Phantom comics, Danny phantom vlad Danny Phantom had several popular reoccurring characters, including Skulker, Technus, and Danny's rival Vlad. The Ghostbusters were originally planned to be regular characters after Season 3, but because the show was cancelled before a Season 4 was created, they only appeared in the series finale [Vlad attacks Jack Plasmius and ties Danny Phantom to the torture chamber] Vlad Masters: I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave, molecule by molecule! [Vlad terribly damages Jack Plasmius and the Ghost Portal with the device's ecto laser, and Maddie runs up to the fallen Jack Fenton] Maddie Masters: Jack Danny Phantom ra sức ngăn chặn chú chó nhưng Valerie nhầm tưởng chú chó là của Danny nên cô căm ghét 2 cô cậu và tìm cách trả thù. Sau này, Vlad lợi dụng điều đó để gửi cho cô bộ quần áo thợ săn ma đỏ - đen cùng các dụng cụ khác Feb 8, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Elizabeth Prather. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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  1. Es culpable de los poderes de Danny y de Vlad Plasmius (uno de los peores enemigos de Danny). Los Hombre de Blanco lo atacan pensando que él era Danny Phantom, el chico fantasma (ya que es muy parecido a Danny en su forma fantasma) y después de eso, él regresa a Míchigan
  2. Vlad Plasmius. Mr. Lancer pulls out a pop quiz! You: Think, Oh, man! I know I'm gonna fail! Relax! You know you're gonna ace it! Use your PDA to search the internet for answers; Don't listen and work on your make-up instead; Whisper jokes behind Mr. Lancer's back at your friends; Who cares! You're sleeping! You have finally got the courage to.
  3. Daniel Danny Fenton, AKA Danny Phantom, is the main protagonist of the series of the same name. He appeared in the 128th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long, where he fought against Jake Long from the American Dragon: Jake Long series. Danny Fenton was an average 14-year-old boy, until one day, his parents created a new invention, the Fenton Portal, in hopes.
  4. Spider-Man had a momentous impact on the superhero genre as a whole, influencing the future characters designed in a similar vein. This extends beyond just comic books, and influenced characters across other forms of media, including Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom features a number of similarities with classic Spider-Man stories, which helped bring a Silver Age superhero aesthetic to the.
  5. ate Danny Phantom. As ghost hunters from around the world gather in Amity Park to hunt the ghost kid, Danny sacrifices himself to Jack - both to win [

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